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Silver Squid Music is the record label and publisher of the music of Luke Cissell. Browse the catalog, watch music videos, purchase sheet music in the online store, and learn more.

Albums / EPs / Singles:

String Quartets Nos. 1 - 5 (coming soon)

Serenade (2023)

Emerald Cities (2021)

Nightside (2020)

Up On The Roof (2020)

String Sextets Nos. 1 & 2 (2019)

Thinking / Feeling (2018)

Sonata for Viola and Piano — Three Piano Pieces (2017)

String Quintet (2016)

Backwoods (2015)

Infinite Progress (2014)

Cosmography (2013)

Noise in the Street (2009)

Concert music:

Serenade for Strings (string orchestra; 28')
i. Scherzo Prelude
ii. Night-Feel
iii. Crossing
iv. L'istesso Tempo
v. Finale

Pulp (string orchestra; 19')
i. The Night Can Wait
ii. Soft Menace
iii. Soul of a Place
iv. Ride the Ride

String Sextet No. 1 (two violins, two violas, two cellos; 23')
i. Full of Life
ii. Adagio
iii. Translation from the Berber
iv. Noir
v. Honky-Tonk
vi. Sonnet

String Sextet No. 2 (two violins, two violas, two cellos; 18')
i. Animal Fair
ii. Crawling
iii. Teething
iv. Jumping
v. Dreaming

Thinking / Feeling (mandolin, banjo, electric guitar, electric bass, strings, electronics; 40')

String Quintet (two violins, two violas, cello; 31')
i. Wings
ii. Discomfiture
iii. Scherzo
iv. Cross-Talk
v. Intermezzo
vi. Waltz
vii. Doubts
viii. Portrait or Landscape
ix. Breakdown

Sonata for Viola and Piano (10')
i. Prelude
ii. Reverie
iii. Finale

Three Piano Pieces (11')
i. Mutatis Mutandis (w/ Tia Vellani)
ii. Roquentin
iii. Spring Rains at Perryville

The Ambassadors (chamber opera for s-mz-t-t-ba-b, string quartet, piano; 100')
libretto by Cara Marsh Sheffler adapted from the novel by Henry James

Frontier Chorales (string quartet; 7')

String Quartet No. 2 (15')
i. Fantasy
ii. Hoedown

Five Miniatures (flute, clarinet, cello, piano; 6')
i. Moderato
ii. Andante ma non troppo
iii. Felt in 1
iv. Andante cantabile
v. Prestissimo

Infinite Progress (solo violin; 33')
companion piece to Guide by Cara Marsh Sheffler
i. Prelude
ii. Charlotte
iii. She Calls to Me
iv. Fugue
v. Moon's Halo
vi. Chorinho
vii. Elegy
i. Places & Pages
ii. Frontier
iii. Signs & Wonders
iv. Spirits
v. Sisyphus
vi. Trails
vii. Tracks
viii. Soldier's Joy
ix. Strange Land
x. Mystery, Babylon
xi. Weeping & Gnashing
xii. Perdition

String Quartet No. 1 (27')
i. Breakdown
ii. Waltz
iii. Reverie
iv. Reel

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concert photos